Jan 19, 2023

Qori announces that over 1 million SUNMI terminals can now accept Crypto and Open Banking payments in European countries.

Qori announces that its payment and loyalty application is now available on SUNMI’s App Store. It means that any of the more than 1 million European SUNMI terminals can accept Open Banking and crypto payments using Qori Pay by Bank and Pay by Crypto solutions.


Who is SUNMI?

SUNMI is an IoT technology company founded in 2013 by Lin Zhe in Shanghai.


Working with over 400 Europeans partners, SUNMI creates solutions for retail, restaurant, finance, healthcare, and service, among other industries. It leverages its global strategy to provide localized services to accelerate the move to Android for business digitization solutions with attractive offerings and a full ecosystem.


SUNMI is committed to bringing businesses smart IoT devices and supporting integrated cloud services, to build an interconnected world and achieve Business 4.0. 


SUNMI’s vision is to provide all market players (fintech, developers, integrators, SaaS and field services providers) with a platform to create and operate innovative, high-performant, value-creating solutions for professionals.


As a way leading to their dream, SUNMI features every promising payment-related application on the SUNMI store.


That’s where Qori shows up with its two payment methods; Pay by Bank and Pay by Crypto. .


Who is Qori?

Qori enables over 350 million European consumers to pay in-store, remotely, or online with their bank account or crypto wallet – without having to download a proprietary app.


The Qori merchant 3in1 payments acceptance app is a breakthrough in the world of payment.


Qori’s vision is to connect merchants and clients through digital channels in order to build lasting and loyal relationships.

Qori offers a fully digital, multi-channel, and cost-effective alternative to traditional payment acceptance solutions, for in-person as well as online commerce. The Qori 3in1 application for Android and iOS is designed to provide merchants a convenient way to accept all payment types, on any smart device, coupled with fully digital customer engagement features.


Qori & SUNMI


Qori solutions are available on the SUNMI App Store, ready to be downloaded and activated by the more than

1 million SUNMI merchants to offer Qori 3in1 payment solutions to their clients all across Europe.


Qori is the only crypto acceptance application available on the European SUNMI App Store.


The partnership between SUNMI and Qori means that all preferred payment methods are now available on SUNMI European terminals, in particular, the fast-growing Pay by Bank and Pay by Crypto payment options.


Today merchants and payment partners can activate the alternative payment methods that their clients really want.


– The future of payments is now in your hands –