Jul 25, 2022

Paynopain adds Pay-by-bank and Pay-by-crypto payment options to its payment terminals and its e-commerce gateway, in partnership with Qori

Madrid—February 25th 2022:

“To respond to the demand from our merchants, we are adding Pay-by-bank and Pay-by-crypto payment options powered by Qori to our e-commerce gateway and payment terminals. This will result in lower costs for the merchants, increased convenience for their clients and better security overall ” – says Jordin Nebot, Paynopain CEO.

“We are pleased to provide to Paynopain the technology and services that complement their advanced solutions for their merchants, to accept bank payments and crypto payments seamlessly, securely, and at a lower cost” – says Meghan Lenaerts, Qori Chief Commercial Officer.

About Paynopain:
PaynoPain is a successful Spanish fintech that has been active since 2011 providing payments coverage on a global scale and currently has technological projects in more than 12 countries around the world, mostly innovative solutions in terms of online payment methods. The company offers its customers innovative services such as Paylands and CHANGEiT, which technology is currently helping to improve financial inclusion in countries with lower rates of banking. It also has a Fintech Lab for large-scale international ad hoc projects.

About Qori:
Qori is a pioneer European mobile payment solution that allows brick and mortar merchants to accept Bank-to-bank and Crypto-to-fiat payments on their phone or tablet, at low cost, by simply generating a QR code. Qori does not require an app on the client side and features advanced tools that allow the merchants to engage both their unregistered and registered clients. Qori leverages the Open banking and Crypto technologies to offer merchants and their payment service providers an alternative to card payment, combined with the most effective client engagement features. Payment service providers can easily integrate the Qori API into their existing merchant payment solutions.

Qori media contacts: marketing@qori.me