No card, no cash, no limits

Be part of the revolution

No card. No app.

With Qori, leave your card at home. Use your phone camera to scan a QR code and make easy purchases online or in-store, with no limits or constraints.

Earn rewards

Exclusive offers, promotions and rewards are at your fingertips. They come straight to your phone without the hassle of signing up.

Pay by crypto

We’re helping crypto become mainstream by bridging the gap between your crypto wallet and all merchants. Scan the QR code and pay. We’ll handle the rest.

Limitless opportunity

More than ever, having the flexibility to pay on the move is essential. With Qori, you can pay online, in-store, and at any merchant with a mobile device.

Support business

Merchants pay a lot in card fees. Support your favourite businesses by using Qori. Merchants will have less fees, and more time serving you.

Be the change

Card limits are a thing of the past. Together, we will do things differently.

Join the community

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