Nov 08, 2022

Bank’s readiness for Payment Initiation in 2 key European markets – November 2022

As privileged practitioners of PSD2 and Open Banking, we decided to share our observations about the banks’ readiness for Payment Initiation in two key markets in Europe: France and Spain, based on intense testing of Open Banking payment transactions within the Qori merchant app.

This European Open Banking market observatory will be published monthly and will gradually include other markets.


Only 2 of the top 10 French banks offer a compelling Open Banking experience for payments at this time.




Good potential but more automation required.

Legend :

  : working

: not working

: being tested 

Deep linking: in the context of Open Banking, deep linking is the ability for the mobile banking application of the client to open automatically following a request from another page on the phone (in this case the Qori Web app).   

We are looking for people to share their experience and help us field-test. Please leave a comment or suggestion and let’s shape the  future of payments together.